Training can help us shape a better travel future

Guillaume Kozinski

Head of Operations, Amadeus IT Pacific

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Guillaume Kozinski, Head of Operations, Amadeus IT Pacific

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We’re often asked how we can help our customers address the increasing ‘skills gap’ in their business today. We used to think the answer was quite simple: lots of classroom training sessions and regular meet-ups with our product experts. But the reality of upskilling your workforce is a far greater challenge.

According to data from the Association for Talent Development, a sample of U.S. firms found that they spent more than $150 billion on training a year, while other researchsuggests that 90% of newly acquired skills are lost just a year later.

The fact that people generally only retain around 10% of the information they learn from classroom training sessions lead us to explore other ways to effectively educate our customers.

So, we’ve moved towards an approach that focuses more on online training, and less in the classroom. More real-life scenario training, shorter sessions and an ongoing commitment to participate in an ongoing education plan. We think learning should never stop and that the ability to always have access to learning tools is paramount.

In this respect, we use many tools such as the Amadeus e-Support Centrewhich plays an important role in our efforts as a knowledge base that provides 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support tools.

Our customers want consultation with an aim towards transforming their business and it’s with innovative tools and training techniques that we can help them do just that.


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