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4 tourism trends that are here to stay

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The travel industry is always evolving. And, as a travel agent, that means you have to stay ahead of your customers. Discover 4 travel trends that are here to stay.

Low-cost airplane tickets and last-minute city trips are easy, safe and attractive, sure. But do they work?

More and more (online) travel agents are specializing in a specific type of tourism – distinctly positioning themselves as an expert in their respective field.

Luckily, change doesn’t need to be abrupt. Just open your mind, dive in and find out exactly what you could offer clients who are “looking for a truly unique experience”.

1. Wellness for your mind, your body, and your soul

Say “goodbye” to all-you-can-eat buffets and “hello” to gluten-free vegetable juices. The Rise of Wellness Tourism is all about getting your mind and your body in shape. And that process can take on as many forms as you can imagine. Virtuoso – a network of luxury travel agents – lists the most popular Wellness Trends for 2018:

  • Finding the source. Wellness travelers like to take their newly found insights back home. That’s why they look for the tutelage of top-level gurus all over the world.
  • Sugar detox. Harmful, addictive, poison – it’s out there, and people want to get away from it.
  • Grief retreats. Sometimes the day-to-day hustle and bustle becomes too much – especially in a time of need.
  • Serious sleep. Sleep deprivation can have devastating effects on your professional and personal life. Specialized centers try to alleviate the issue with stress management and yoga.
  • Silence is golden. Almost literally. Especially in an increasingly urban world where (digital) communication never stops.

2. Foodie heaven(s)

Is food tourism related to the rise of Instagram? Possibly. Will it stay after the inevitable fall of the social network? Definitely. Young tourists are constantly looking for authentic eating and drinking experiences and do not hesitate to make their travel plans accordingly.

But know this: not all foodies are the same. If you want to help Putting world food on the travel menu, you need to cater to each type of foodie with the right destination. Better start studying The 20 Best Countries in the World for Food.

3. Where is hipster paradise?

Hidden gems only meant for the true connoisseur of couleur locale. 2019 will be the year of discovering unknown places – such as these 12 European under-the-radar travel destinations to visit in 2019.

Less tourists also means less impact on the environment. And that’s one heck of a USP these days. So make sure your travelers are well-informed on how to behave when they choose to Avoid Crowds at Popular Destinations.

4. Timing is everything

Just like in comedy. This common piece of wisdom is not so much a trend as an evergreen. Traveling during the low season has a lot of advantages. Each of them could convince your customers to Definitely Consider Traveling in Off Season:

  • Cheaper flights & hotels
  • Shorter lines
  • Larger availability
  • More authentic experiences

The best destinations in the world to have an amazing vacation during the off-season? Imagine great weather, empty beaches and wildlife spotting opportunities aplenty in one of these 13 Exceptional Off-season Travel Destinations for 2018.

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