Top five trends for airports in the United States for 2017

Betros Wakim

CEO of Amadeus Airport IT Americas, Inc.

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Since we’ve accelerated our growth into airport IT, North America has been a key focus for us. It’s the world’s largest market and serviced an all-time high of 928.9 million domestic and international passengers in 2016. Currently, our solutions are used by 30 of the top 50 busiest airports in the United States. This presence gives us an ideal view of upcoming trends set to shape the US airport market.




The top five airport trends in the US for 2017 include:

Modernizing America’s airports

Improving and expanding capacity at existing terminals is a high priority for all air travel players. The current administration has placed infrastructure investment as one of its objectives. Technology can help by containing costs and shortening timelines.

Attaining necessary funding

While funding for better infrastructure is still uncertain, America’s airports must be patient. Airports are optimistic about the simplification of regulations but, until this actually takes place, they have no choice but to wait and follow the money.

Creating new revenue opportunities

Identifying improved and new revenue sources is an important trend at America’s airports. Things like specialty dining and retail offerings are increasing passenger spending at many airports around the world. This is no different at airports in the United States, with many US airports unveiling award-winning food, beverage, and retail programs.

Enhancing the passenger experience

Innovative passenger processing technologies that can optimize terminals offer America’s airports a much needed, cost effective, and service responsive bridge for new air service.

Leading with innovation

An expanding ‘Internet of Airport Things’, tops the agenda at many airport industry conferences today. Amadeus can facilitate these innovation conversations with America’s airports. With our investment in research and development, tomorrow can be visible today.

Amadeus Airport IT Americas engages with major airports industry trade associations in North America. We are working closely with them to study the airport industry and the opportunities and challenges ahead. Many of these aspects are reflected by the top trends referenced above and are proving key to attaining both mind-share and market share.

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