Our top 5 stories of January 2017

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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This year is off to a thought provoking start with a number of interesting stories here on the Amadeus blog from around the world. Amadeus earned recognition as a Top Employer in Australia and Thailand, we explored the preferences of Indian travellers in our travel lounge series, and looked at keep business travellers happy. Have a look below at some of our other top stories from January 2017:

woman with tablet

The click is dead – all channels lead to mobile

This post elaborates on four things to consider in your mobile strategy, whether you’re an airline or a travel company looking to fine-tune your customer’s experience.

Top ten common causes of airline disruptions

Our report, Shaping the future of Airline Disruption Management (IROPS), explores the top ten most common causes of airline disruptions, outlined in this post.

Kuwait Airways brings Amadeus Travel Intelligence to the Middle East

Kuwait Airways will be using the Amadeus Performance Insight Suite to deliver data insights, becoming the first airline in the Middle East to benefit from the technology.

How Nile Air increased online sales with an innovative remarketing campaign

Nile Air is working with Amadeus and SaleCycle to greatly develop and expand their online channel. This posts provides insights on this relationship from Nile Air’s E-commerce manager.

2017: The year we talk to robots

2015 was the year of the internet of things. 2016 was the year of virtual reality. What is in store for 2017? Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures, Amadeus IT Group, says this will be the year of robots and artificial intelligence.

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