Top 5 appealing product concepts

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Our report From chaos to collaboration focuses on how transformative technologies will herald a new era in travel by looking at six key aspects of the future of travel; the next generation of experience, automatic transit, payment with memory, intelligent recommendation, taking the stress out of travel, and the business tourist.


As a component of this report we asked respondents of an online survey about which potential new products and services appealed to them.

The concepts respondents found extremely/very appealing are listed in order of preference below.

  • 67% - A device that allows you to have a two-way conversation in foreign languages by translating what you hear in to your native language, and what you say into a foreign language.
  • 62% - An integrated travel service that provides transportation at every step of the journey from your house to your final destination.
  • 62% - Cameras and sensors that automatically recognize you in airports so that you can go through security and border control more quickly.
  • 61 % - An application that overlays visual information about the physical world around you through your mobile device, for instance telling you where the nearest ATM or restaurant is (augmented reality).
  • 59% - A service on your mobile phone that tells you in real-time when and where there are special offers at restaurants, bars and hotels.

Our findings suggest a strong market for mobile devices as travel reconnaissance tools. In our quantitative survey, the technologies rated most highly were those that tell you more in real-time about the world around you (including translation services) and help improve efficiency in transit. Eventually, we may also see more use of technology to preview a location.

Have a look at the full reportfor more insights and a full explanation of the methodology used. Also, check out our future airportinfographic for a better view of the airport of tomorrow

What product concepts appeal to you the most?