A year in review: Top 5 Amadeus videos of 2017

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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We’re moving with the changes impacting travel to create better journeys for travelers. A big part of this involves looking at and responding to technology trends, while imagining what the travel industry will look like in the future. And it looks bright to us. Want to see where we’re going and how we’re going to get there? Check out this compilation of our most viewed videos in 2017:


Four scenarios in a nutshell: ‘What if? Imagining the future of the travel industry’ report

This videos explores the about the four possible future scenarios from the Amadeus-commissioned report ‘What if? Imagining the future of the travel industry' undertaken by A.T. Kearney.

Four scenarios in a nutshell from the ‘What if? Imagining the future of the travel industry’ report


Blockchain for travel

What is blockchain technology? This video explains everything you need to know about it and how this technology is relevant to the travel industry.


The world’s first Virtual Reality travel search and booking experience

This virtual reality travel search and booking experience allows travelers to spin a globe of the world, visit a destination, search for flights, walk through a plane to select their seat, check out different rental cars, and pay for their entire trip— all without leaving virtual reality.


Amadeus travel technology in evolution

Where will the next ground-breaking innovation come from? Until a “crystal ball” is invented with the answer to those questions, it’s all about being open, flexible and experimental. Katherine Grass, Head of Innovation & Ventures at Amadeus, discusses Amadeus’ approach to innovation and some of the latest ideas we’ve been playing looking into.


Working at Amadeus – meet the minds behind the tech

Meet a few of our tech minds and learn just a few of the reasons they enjoy working for Amadeus in this video.

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