Travel agents can now benefit from the simplicity of Timatic Script for Amadeus

Alan Murray Hayden

Assistant Director, Timatic, IATA

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New technology is constantly reshaping the travel industry – from ultra-fuel efficient aircraft to augmented reality. Amidst all of these fascinating innovations, the intricacies that make travel ‘tick’ often get lost.

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Timatic is one of these intricacies. It’s used by both airlines and travel agents to verify passenger travel documents for their destination and any transit points. Travel agents use it to ensure passenger compliance with border control rules and regulations. It also helps travel agents enhance the service they provide by ensuring a smooth travel experience without unexpected surprises due to missing visas or incorrect documents.

We worked with Amadeus to develop a new and innovative solution to replace the legacy cryptic Timatic. The newTimatic Script for Amadeusis a smart tool within the Amadeus Selling Platform Classic & Amadeus Selling Platform Connect that enables agents to access and communicate easy-to-understand passport, visa, and health regulations.

In just a few clicks, travel agents can access personalised information based on the passenger's destination, transit points, nationality, travel document, or residence country. It’s as simple as loading the PNR, entering the passenger’s nationality, and clicking ‘Check’. Agents are then given a clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ summary for the entire journey or by segment.

Other benefits ofTimatic Script for Amadeusinclude:

  • No training needed with an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based interface
  • Less reading because text is short, concise, and easy to understand
  • No codes thanks to drop-down menus with predictive search
  • Personalised results for each passenger
  • Regulations that cover the destination and up to five transit points
  • Airport specific info like airports with ‘Transit Without Visa’ options
  • Updated more than 65 times a day by Timatic’s immigration experts

Have alook at this videoto see howTimatic Script for Amadeusworks andclick here to subscribe now.


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