Three ways Amadeus is currently using big data to improve the travel experience

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Travel is becoming more complex and customers need increasing help in navigating through the vast array of options. So a major focus of our efforts to provide value to travel agencies involves easing the search process and delivering solutions that enable them to present consumers with targeted options.

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Amadeus Extreme Searchallows consumers to enter their overall budget, the number of passengers, the length of time for the trip,  and the minimum temperature at the destination, returning proposals for such a trip. It’s based on the Massive Computation Platform which computes a huge volume of prices on itineraries and dates and the platform is capable of computing billions of combinations in batch mode and stores them into a cache called the Massive Search Platform. These results are searched in transactional mode enabling almost instantaneous results.

Another tool is calledAmadeus Featured Results.

Faced with a business challenge of rising importance—the fast-increasing “look to book” ratio, or the number of online queries per airline ticket booking—we needed some way for travel sellers to make desirable offers to customers. Based on data from various databases, Amadeus Featured Results instantly provides the four most relevant, bookable recommendations – fastest, lowest priced, most popular and sponsored – for a given search request.

Finally, we are working with our travel provider customers to deliver better decision outcomes. With our airline customers, for example, we work on how to optimise their websites through testing of different versions, and what customer preferences are for booking channels, kiosks vs. human agents at airports, baggage check-in times, and many other issues.

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