Three tips for parking customer loyalty

Michelle Batten

Head of Global Marketing for Mobile, Amadeus

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Did you know? A study from the British Parking Association recently found that drivers in Britain are wasting on average nearly 100 hours a year looking for a parking space – which poses the question, is parking a forgotten step in the travel process?

Today’s users rely on mobile devices more than ever and they expect the companies to reach out to them through this channel, and offer the services they need when they need them.

According to world leading research company, Gartner, there will be a quarter of a billion connected vehicles on the road by 2020, enabling new in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities – which opens up particularly lucrative opportunities for the parking industry.

To help travelers cut back on time spent circling in cities around the globe, we’ve partnered with global online parking reservation provider, ParkCloud. Now our CheckMyTrip users can give their wheels a well-deserved upgrade when they travel.

Our technology partnership with ParkCloud allows our CheckMyTrip community to pre-book their parking to complement their other travel plans from across 1,200 locations in 42 countries within one convenient mobile app. As a member of the Amadeus Mobile COLLECTIVE, ParkCloud content and mobile booking capabilities are also available to white label travel app customers.

As a leader in the field of online parking reservations, we asked ParkCloud for its top three tips on keeping parking front-of-mind with business as well as leisure travelers:

So when is the best time to pre-book your parking spot for the day? ParkCloud has found it is early evening, between 6pm – 8pm. While you are on your way back from work, waiting at the traffic light or just relaxing at home, grab your phone and reserve parking in a matter of seconds. Next time you are out and about the city, this will save you time, money on fuel and even a parking ticket.

We know how precious your time is and we want you to take advantage of it to the fullest. That’s why we are working with our partner to facilitate parking search and reservation in as many destinations as possible, enticing you with irresistible offers.

Stay tuned as we add more members to the Amadeus Mobile COLLECTIVE and showcase how each of them are working alongside us to help travel brands succeed in the travel app economy.