Three things business travel agencies need to drive growth for corporations: service, savings and security

Ilia Kostov

Senior Vice President, Global Accounts and Business Travel Americas, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Business travel plays a critical role in powering global economies. It’s set to generate over €1.3 trillion in spend in 2018. To put this in context, that’s equivalent to €173 for every person in the world. And business travel spend is growing at a rate of 7% per year

Business travel drives growth for corporations

Business travel agencies need to support corporate customers by providing their employees the best travel options at the best value, as well as providing the right support along the way (service) to help to ensure smooth journeys. They also need to enable corporate clients to optimize return on investment (savings) by enforcing travel policies and maximizing the value of preferred supplier agreements, all while ensuring duty of care (security). The technology and systems used by TMCs can have a significant impact on the overall value the corporation realizes from its travel program – both today and tomorrow.

There are two priorities for business travel agencies when they serve corporations: the needs of the corporations themselves and the needs of the end user, the business traveler. To support business travel agencies to excel in serving their customers, we offer seamless access to the best content, along with the right solutions and services to deliver better journeys. Our goal is to connect business travel agencies to the right technology and the right expertise, enabling them to better service their corporate clients and travelers.

What sets Amadeus apart?

At a high level, it really comes down to our technology and people. In terms of technology, it starts with capabilities that help corporations achieve their objectives. Our open, flexible and integrated systems equip business travel agencies to deliver end-to-end value throughout the travel process, from shopping to booking to mobile services and expense management, along with customized solutions to meet specific needs. This enables business travel agencies to offer the right mix of high touch and self-service options to best meet corporate customer and traveler needs.

We value being close to our business travel agency customers around the globe. And that’s about more than technology, it is also about the people. Our global Travel Channels team is  laser focused on helping our customers succeed. Our people are driven by solving problems and unlocking new opportunities for customers. Through our consultative approach, we focus on supporting business travel agencies to deliver against corporations’ strategic needs and objectives, helping drive business growth and ensuring a return on travel spend. 

Live Travel Space:  Powering better journeys for corporate travelers

We have evolved beyond being a GDS to becoming a Live Travel Spacewhere all players can connect and collaborate to serve travelers faster and better. Our fully open systems technology, underpinned by the Amadeus Travel Platform, provide business travel agencies with the content and capabilities needed to deliver better journeys. Whether it’s booking air travel, hotel accommodations, rail or other travel services, the Amadeus Travel Platform seamlessly integrates multiple sources of content and makes it available to customers via multiple devices and channels.

Based on what our customers tell us and on our own observations, we believe there are opportunities to continue to improve the business travel experience. We also believe that business travel agencies will continue to play a critical role in helping corporations realize maximum value from their travel programs. Simply put – our strategy places our customers at the center of everything we do. 

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