The pop of travel

Peter Lau

Head of Global Branding, Amadeus

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It's what Game of Thrones did for Dubrovnik, Croatia; what Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand and what Harry Potter did for kids visiting London! It's bringing to life the magic of the screen that captivates each one of us and has resulted in a surge of tourism in each one of these destinations.

There is no doubt that one of the most influential trends these days in travel is pop culture. It leads us to explore the breathtaking backdrops from our favorite scenes, imagine ourselves in a locale that seems frozen in time, or take a picture for Instagram at a famous spot.

It’s against this backdrop that we chose the theme of our new campaign at Amadeus to focus on, "seeing the journey through the traveler’s eyes". It’s the people that are at the heart of travel - that's why airports are honing in on what travelers want, airlines tailoring their offer to what passengers need, and hotels are tuning into their guests’ desires like never before.

At Amadeus, we are exploring ways to deliver on traveler expectations across the whole journey. With close collaboration of all travel players in the industry, and the right technology, we will be able to create a better experience for travelers at every point of their trip. Find out more in this video.

Since the launch of major media-servicing companies like Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Hulu, our lifestyles and expectations for movies and tv series as consumers have rapidly changed. We’ve gotten used to convenience, speed and accessibility. We want our entertainment experiences personalized and we want them now. And these expectations are moving beyond the screen and are quickly becoming part of our  travel itineraries. 

The connection between travel and pop culture goes beyond just films and TV though. It’s also about special interest travel and niche tourism. No matter how different we all are as travelers, we share similar interests in culture, nature, sports, music or food. We want to experience our passions in different destinations and different cultures. Trying new foods, smelling new spices, practicing yoga in the mountains – we may be immersing ourselves in old hobbies but we're doing them in new cultural surroundings.  

By understanding emerging trends, we can grasp travelers’ wants, needs and desires. By combining these experiences with our data capabilities, and by investing in startups and innovation, we can then design our technology to power better journeys for billions of people.

Want to know more? Learn how by seeing the journey through the traveler’s eyes, we’re moving the industry forward. Read more here.


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