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The hottest new national hobby in Scandinavia is...

Markus Nilsson

Head of Online Sales

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Searching for the best travel deals! In our latest study, we have discovered that over 50% of Scandinavians spend hours poring over travel offers before choosing the perfect one. Find out what else we uncovered!

The quirks of the Scandinavian traveler

After reading our latest travel study, Markus Nilsson shares his conclusions about why hunting for travel deals is a favorite national hobby in Scandinavia and how travel sellers can clinch return business.

People often ask me how and where to find the best flight deals. Most of the times there is no secret formula. It’s all about putting time and effort into searching, finding and comparing offers from the different travel sellers. And, I guess we all have different opinions about what’s a good deal? Something that ticks the right boxes for me, will never be perfect for another traveler, and vice versa. 

Dedicated bargain hunters

After reading Amadeus Scandinavia’s latest leisure travel study, I am tempted to say that searching for great flight deals has become the newest and hottest national sport for Scandinavians. Are you, like me, one of them? 

Regardless of the kind of trip we are looking for, it seems like us Scandinavians don’t mind investing time in online research. We put in hours and even days comparing offers before we hit the ‘Buy’ button. 

In our study, 51% of the participants defined themselves as bargain hunters – travelers who spend a lot of time to find the best deal. The other two traveler types - safety seekers and status searchers – tend to value brand awareness and luxury above price. This is a pattern we see across Scandinavia, although Norway has a few more status searchers than Sweden and Denmark. 

Hold on to your customer

One observation I could personally relate to is that most of us start planning our next trip or holiday while we are on a trip. 

When I am on the beach, I’m already thinking about booking the same hotel next summer. When I get home, I proudly tell everyone that they must visit the location I have been to and stay at hotel X. If someone would send me a relevant offer, I would snap it up and book again right away. 

This is a great opportunity for travel sellers to hold on to their customer before he/she starts searching and comparing offers online again and you lose the customer. The question is how can we target this phase of the customer’s journey with an inspirational, relevant and irresistible offer to travel again?  

About the author

Markus Nilsson is Head of Online Sales at Amadeus in Scandinavia. He joined Amadeus in 2015. Besides staying at the Swedish countryside, France is a favourite destination. As a bargain hunter, he has loads of experience after spending hours comparing various travel offers over the years.



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