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The benefits of our new hotel content: Amadeus Value Hotels

Aurélien Dardo Chesnais

Hotel Sales Manager of Global Business

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Earlier this year, we launched Amadeus Value Hotels in the Benelux. In this interview, we sit together with Aurélien Dardo Chesnais, Hotel Sales Manager of Global Business Travel to highlight the key benefits of Amadeus Value Hotels.

Hi Aurélien! Can you describe Amadeus Value Hotels

Amadeus Value Hotels is our worldwide prepaid offer with net rates for hotel rooms that travel agents can book for their clients. All sorts of properties are available – ranging from cozy B&Bs to large chain hotels. We simplify the booking process and enhance the productivity of our customers.


Yes. Our clients asked for prepaid explicitly; it has advantages for both travel agents as for travelers themselves. 

For travel agents, it’s easy! Prepaid means they don’t have to use a credit card. They can directly invoice to their corporation. In doing so, we improve the cash flow of travel agents.

And what’s the advantage then for travelers? 

Well, business travelers don’t need to pay with their credit card at the check-out. It’s for them (and their travel managers) much easier to untangle their payments. 

Increase in profits

How is the selling price defined?

Our slogan for Amadeus Value Hotels is “Sourced by us, priced by you”. So, let me explain. We negotiated net rates for Travel Agencies. With these net rates available at the tip of their fingers, every travel agency can choose and improve their margin. They are free to choose whether they make a 5% or 20% profit. And, they can modify it during the sales process (so-called yield management) if needed. 

One of our French clients, for example, is making an additional 35 euro per reservation, but it can increase even more – depending on the market.

Our clients urged for such a system. You see, travel agents are working with limited margins. They were looking for additional income sources. So we offered them Amadeus Value Hotels. 

Ease of mind

Imagine if something happens during a business trip. How can Amadeus Value Hotels support travel agents? 

We understand that support is important. When travel agents from Belgium send someone to the other side of the world, they need to know that they will be able to help their customers if they are in need. Since Amadeus Value Hotels is available all over the world, we can provide 24/7 customer support. And travel agents do value this support. So far, our customer support has a 97% satisfaction rate. 

There are many players in the hotel-booking area. What makes Amadeus Value Hotels stand out? 

Yes, we have several competitors – mostly in the B2C-area. Aside from our rich content and potential to increase profits easily, the added value of Amadeus Value Hotels is that it improves the productivity of travel agents. Travel agents stay in the Amadeus Selling Connect Platform environment and have one unique place for all the content they need, ranging from sales management to the follow-up and the after-sale.

Thank you for this interview! 

Amadeus Value Hotels in the Benelux

Amadeus Value Hotels, sourced by Amadeus, is part of the Amadeus Hotel Platform. This includes the large content choice of Amadeus Hotels with multiple hotel chains, independent & small hotels, and both regional & global aggregators. Our portfolio also includes hotels of all types and in all locations. So you can provide your customers exactly what they want, wherever and whenever they want it!

We launched Amadeus Value Hotels in the Benelux in March 2019. 


Check out this video – made by our colleagues in South-Africa during the launch of Amadeus Value Hotels earlier this year.