Testing Amadeus’ upgraded NDC-enabled user interface is important milestone for FCM

Marcus Eklund

Global Managing Director, FCM Travel

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One of the biggest factors influencing corporate travel in 2019 will be distribution as NDC content becomes more of a reality. Our goal has always been to balance the short-term priorities of NDC with building a long-term sustainable booking solution with our technology partners.

Last year we announced our partnership with Amadeus to be a driver customer of NDC-X, and recently we announced a new, exciting milestone. FCM Travel Solutions, the flagship global business travel division of Flight Centre Travel Group, will be testing the enhanced user interface of Amadeus’ NDC-enabled Selling Platform Connect. This is an important milestone as we move closer to NDC industrialization and the global deployment of Amadeus’ NDC-enabled solutions to digitalize the travel industry.

The design incorporates feedback from our team across multiple markets which ensures the creation of an intuitive user experience catering to the diverse retailing needs. As one of the largest global travel management companies with a presence in over 97 markets, it’s been extremely rewarding to collaboratively work with Amadeus to ensure the solution works for us and for the industry, which will ultimately drive greater adoption of NDC globally.

The upgraded solution, which is backed by the Amadeus Travel Platform, will further drive incremental value by enabling our travel consultants to access a range of content and compare flights and bundles from multiple sources. With this access, travel consultants around the globe can personalize the booking experience for customers simply, quickly and accurately. The thoughtfully designed end-to-end workflow and the enhanced user interface will make training and upskilling easier too.

Our priority at FCM is to ensure that our customers benefit positively from the opportunities that NDC presents and Amadeus’ enhanced interface will ultimately enable our travel consultants to access an even richer choice of fares and NDC content in an already familiar technology environment, personalizing the booking experience for their clients.

Thanks to the Flight Centre & FCM dedicated global distribution team, the strategic partnership with Amadeus, and the close collaboration across the industry, we’re making great progress on driving NDC forward. I look forward to sharing even more milestones later this year.


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