Imagine technology that could harmonise the airport ecosystem

David Larvin

Head of Airline IT, Departure Control, Amadeus IT Group

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The airport ecosystem is dynamic, diverse, fast-moving, and open 24/7 to get millions of passengers on thousands of flights to every corner of the world. When you consider all the permutations of coordinating passengers, baggage, flights, services and cargo, you can understand and better appreciate the complexity of the airport ecosystem.

airport plane taking off


The magical component

There is one major facilitator that is now helping airlines work more closely with airportsand ground handlersto manage flights and passengers more efficiently and cost-effectively; technology. And with over 30 years of experience in developing IT solutions for the aviation industry, Amadeus has entered the airport arena with a bang, delivering innovative solutions that will help make air travel more enticing, comfortable, reliable and above all, profitable.

One community, one platform, one IT partner

Amadeus airport solutions are built on a cloud-based model, which means airlines can access applications on demand, scaling operations up or down to match the real-time requirements of aircraft and passengers. With a common situational awareness of flight activity, airlines, ground handlers and the whole airport community can work as one; sharing information, managing resources, up-selling services and nurturing passengers, to enhance performance and drive incremental revenues.

Close your eyes and imagine an airport where...

  • Ground handlers can seamlessly service all passengers, adhering to airlines' specific procedures, rules and standards
  • Self-service automation is available at multiple touch-points (automatic check-in, self-bag drop, self-boarding) helping to get passengers through the airport quickly and easily
  • Agents can provide instant and personalised passenger servicing from any location, using a mobile device
  • Baggage is tracked simultaneously with passenger movement, providing a 'latest location' status, so no bag is loaded unless its owner is on board
  • Airlines can access every piece of information on passengers, airport resources and travel data (e.g. weather, disruptions) to make critical operational decisions
  • All applications are running in the cloud, with instant availability and scalability, reducing the need for ongoing deployment and dependency on local airport infrastructures

You have just envisioned how airlines will operate in the airports of the future, powered by Amadeus Airport Solutions!

Have a look at the Amadeus Airport Solutions brochurefor more information.