Technology forum in Spain focuses on needs of tomorrow’s travellers

Juan Giron

Global Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus

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The impact of the sharing economy on the travel industry, the future of Low Cost Carriers, the profile of tomorrow’s travellers, and hints on how to better reach them and identify their needs were a few of the hot topics discussed by panellists during the 7th edition of the Amadeus Technology Forum, organised by Amadeus Spain in Madrid.

Participants shed light on the latest trends in travel distribution and the travel agency sector as well as the requirements necessary for meeting the needs of the Future Traveller Tribes. Amadeus’ Alex Luzárraga, VP Corporate Strategy, provided his view on these subjects;

The Importance Of Understanding The Traveller Of Tomorrow

Reaching the traveller of tomorrow is not a simple task. It necessitates speaking their same language and fully understanding their requirements even before they become needs. Diego Antoñanzas, founder of Madrid & You, offered some advice on how to achieve this;

Serving The Traveller Of Tomorrow: Sell Experiences

But reaching customers based on the emotions that motivate them to make a buying decision is vital for travel companies, according to the co-founder of the data measurement consulting firm “El Arte de Medir” Gemma Muñoz Vera;

Big Data: The Key To Understanding The Evolving Needs Of Tomorrow's Travellers

Low cost carriers have been identified by Amadeus as crucial for the long term survival of traditional travel agencies, even though these airlines will dramatically evolve in the coming years. Vicente Bosque, Air Content & LCC Manager, WEMEA, Amadeus, explained the challenges and opportunities ahead for travel agencies in booking flights on Low Cost Carriers;

Travel Agencies: Increase Low Cost Carrier Bookings To Remain Competitive

Another factor that might shape the future of travel is the Sharing Economy which is more and more present in everyday life. Its impact on the travel and tourism sector could be significant according to Luigi Battista, Head of Business Development WEMEA, Amadeus;

The Sharing Economy: Opportunities For Travel Players

Finally, Amadeus Spain’s Managing Director, Paul de Villiers, provided some insights on how the Amadeus Technology Forum has become a sought-after rendezvous for travel players in Spain.

Paul de Villiers Talks About The Amadeus Technology Forum

Were you at the forum? What were your key takeaways?