Technology for a better world with the Amadeus Donation Engine

Tomas López Fernebrand

SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Amadeus IT Group

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As Norwegian joins Finnair and Iberia as our partners to raise funds for UNICEF by offering their customers an opportunity to make a donation while purchasing travel, I can only imagine the potential this initiative still holds.


In its first 18 months our micro-donation partnership with UNICEF, Iberia, and Finnair has seen more than 60,000 airline customers donating. These funds were used to support UNICEF’s Schools for Asia programme and a global vaccination campaign, which has helped protect the lives of 600,000 infantsin Chad.

But I believe we can do even more. The travel industry as a whole reaches millions of people every day. Imagine the impact we could make if the number of donations were doubled or tripled. We’re well on our way to doing just that and partnerships with airlines like Norwegian, Finnair, and Iberia are just the start.

Amadeus Donation Engine

The key to empowering the travel industry to raise funds for the world’s most vulnerable children is the Amadeus Donation Engine. This cutting edge technology works simply and effectively ‘behind the scenes’ of online travel selling platforms. It enables the travel industry to solicit micro-donations securely and easily from people around the world when they buy travel online.

Most importantly, we provide the donation engine free of charge and the process is both user-friendly and takes only a moment. When a traveller chooses to make a donation, they receive a confirmation email.

We truly believe that investing in today's children, especially in relation to their health and education, helps to break the cycle of poverty, and creates more stable societies and sustainable growth.

I invite you to learn more about our partnership with UNICEFand to join us, whether you are a travel provider or a travel intermediary, in this endeavour by taking advantage of this powerful technology.


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