Future Airport Technology and the airport of tomorrow [infographic]

Malek Nejjai

Chief Diversity Officer, Amadeus IT Group

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Amadeus Navigating the airport of tomorrow infographic ... why the future airport looks bright to Amadeus — Amadeus corporate blog ...

Amadeus navigating the airport of tomorrow infographic


We wanted to share with you the below infographic that was developed in line with our recent "Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow" white paper, which was in turn compiled in association with travel industry analyst

Norm Rose of Travel Tech Consulting.

We've seen a particularly positive response to the Future Airport infographic so far as it provides a snap view of the role technology is predicted to play in terms of modernising the airport experience, which if we’re honest, remains a major source of pain and frustration for many travellers, as my colleagueJulia Sattel recently blogged about here.

Wireless technology, such as NFC (Near Field Communication), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and augmented reality, are set to revolutionise our experience at the airport through innovative, time and hassle-saving services like automatic check-in archways, location-aware baggage tags, and mobile computing.

Personally speaking, the idea of an entirely automated and wireless airport is very exciting, particularly as the fulcrum of much of the potential is the humble mobile phone – or smartphone as is increasingly the popular choice – which is reflected in the types of ideas we are seeing submitted to ourideas for travel competition,as my colleague Jennifer Fernandez outlined earlier this month.

We hope you find the airport of tomorrow infographic interesting and ask that you share your thoughts on it and the future airport experience more generally in the comments section below, or viaFacebookorTwitterif you prefer.

And if you feel inspired by this data and our creative vision of the future airport, why not give yourself a chance of winning €20,000 by entering our ideas for travel competition – full details can be found online atwww.ideasfortravel.amadeus.com.

You can download the full "Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow" white paper. Amadeus also selected the best infographics that highlight travel trends and insights into travel technology, don’t miss the whole series here: The Future of travel infographics 2011.

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