The emerging tech trends driving change in hospitality

Francisco Pérez-Lozao Rüter

President, Hospitality, Amadeus

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How will technology influence and change the way that hospitality brands interact with guests in the future? How can hospitality providers better understand their guests’ motivations for each trip and cater to them accordingly? How will the guests of tomorrow differ from today?

To answer these questions and more, Amadeus has partnered with IHG to commission a study looking into the future of the hospitality industry, by global consumer trends research agency Foresight Factory

Drivers of Change in Hospitality, which is launched today,  explores the changes we can expect as guest insight, technology optimization and the ability to hyper-personalize take effect. It also includes analysis into the industry impact of these changes by Cornell’s Center of Hospitality Research

Informed by over 7,500 consumers worldwide as well as industry experts, the study suggests that the hospitality industry is clearly on the cusp of a new era,  as advances in cloud and analytical technology meet guests who both create and share more data, and place higher demands on their hospitality experience.

It also identifies three distinct transformative trends, each analyzing a different aspect of the hospitality industry that will be disrupted when operational advances begin capitalizing on new guest expectations.

These trends are:

1.       The Rise of Tech-Augmented Hospitality: Hospitality providers will need to serve guests in a significantly more connected way, striking the right balance between automated solutions and human interaction.

2.       Achieving Cult Status at Scale: The kind of status usually reserved for luxury or boutique hotels or consumer brands will be available for all, if they can build a loyal following of fans who feel an emotional connection.

3.       The Beginning of the End for Room Types: this will see guests able to swap desks for yoga mats, stream their own content through the in-room TV, or ask for that third-floor room with the view they’ve always loved.

At Amadeus, we are committed to investing in and supporting the hospitality sector to meet the needs of tomorrow’s guests. We hope that this report provides rich and valuable reading for anyone working in the hospitality sector and beyond.

Download a copy of Drivers of Change in Hospitality and look out for more commentary and insights from us and other industry figures on the paper in the coming weeks.

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