Teaming up with Amadeus to shape the future of travel in Nigeria

Obinna Ekezie

Managing Director and Founder, Wakanow.com

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Now that my basketball career has passed – I’ve pursued another passion and focused on achieving a new goal; to facilitate online travel in my home country and pioneer the first online travel agency in Nigeria, Wakanow.com.

obinna ekezie

From my days of college basketball at the University of Maryland to playing professionally in the NBA – I’ve learned firsthand about the importance of passion and teamwork to achieve goals.


We set up operations in 2008, and Wakanow.com has become one of the fastest growing and largest Internet travel sites in Nigeria, but I think there are still huge opportunities to grow and I’m excited to continue working with Amadeusto do just that.

Have a look at this video in which I discuss my vision for online travel and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Wakanow.com Founder Obinna Ekezie on the Future of African Travel


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