Tasting IATA Resolution 787, the proof of the pudding?

Svend Leirvaag

VP Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group

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After IATA’s members approved Resolution 787 last year, paving the way to New Distribution Capability (NDC), it quickly became apparent that the association had created a recipe not to the taste of the whole industry. Responses from the industry, filed to the Department of Transportation (DOT), showed that many feared IATA’s creation would ultimately be unpalatable to the consumer.



Following consultation with our customers and reflecting upon our long-standing experience of the industry, Amadeus explained its concerns very clearly and raised important questions in its DOT submission. We support the objectives of the airline industry in exploring improved ways of offering services through both direct and indirect channels. However, we have serious concerns about a number of key issues including backward compatibility, the compulsory nature of Resolution 787, content ownership and privacy issues.

To its credit, IATA has now responded: at its June Annual General Meeting (AGM) a new resolution addressed many concerns. More recently, in a subsequent reply to the DOT, IATA acknowledged that a number of ingredients should be removed or changed.

But we believe it is the original recipe that needs changing. IATA must now take the initiative to change Resolution 787 and re-submit afresh to the DOT.

We believe it would be wise for IATA to quickly invite stakeholder representatives (via their trade associations) to the redrafting. In doing so, IATA could ensure that theairlineand travel industry embarks on a joint journey towards improved sustainability, based on a common industry agenda for growth.

Now that would be something.


NDC, Industry Relations