Taking the lead in revenue management for segment based airlines

Benjamin Cany

Head of Revenue Management Solutions, Amadeus IT Group

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Efficient revenue management for airlines is more important than ever especially in these times of economic uncertainty. Legacy systems are no longer sophisticated enough to deal with airlines’ current business practices. Airlines understand this reality and have adjusted accordingly by adopting our Altéa Revenue Management solution. After only 4 years, we are proud to be the leading revenue management solution for Altéa segment based airlines. We've also just launched our Altéa Revenue Management Suite for O&D (Origin & Destination) airlines.


Most recently, Vistara, a dynamic Indian joint-venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Group, became part of the Amadeus Altéa communityand has since reaped the benefits of Altéa Revenue Management.

Our future proof solution combines advanced airline demand forecasting techniques with a unique integration with Altéa Passenger Service System. Real-time data exchange with our inventory, reservation and fare quote systems enables to maximise revenues of fenceless fare structures, such as fare families, in a competitive environment.

Altéa Revenue Management also helps increase profitability with advanced end-to-end decision support tools. It provides airlines with instant access to key performance indicators from network level down to individual departure date. Dominique Gretz, VP Revenue Management and Network at Air Caraibes, states: “Today Altéa Revenue Management is the best solution for Air Caraibes: well integrated with the Altéa Suite, the solution is also user-friendly, and thanks to its daily re-optimisation process, it enabled us to significantly increase our revenues.”

Our aim is to enable our partner airlines to leverage on their Altéa PSS to increase their yields and their overall profitability. Thus, we are continuously improving our revenue management solutions to ensure they are in line with airlines’ business practices such as the integration of ancillary services in the optimisation process.

To know more about Altéa Revenue Management, have a look at our website.