Taking advantage of optimal approval flows to cut corporate travel costs

Florian Tinnus

Head of Corporate IT, Amadeus IT Group

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As corporations place greater emphasis on cutting travel costs wherever they can, it comes as no surprise that corporate travel managers are looking for new ways of enforcing travel policy to ensure lower costs. One such way comes via Amadeus e-Travel Management, which now has a more efficient approval flow system.

Smarter corporate travel spending


Corporations seeking to lower travel costs are being driven online by a combination of economic pressures, technological advancements, and changes in corporate traveller behaviour according to arecent PhoCusWright study– which coincides with our recent blog post about the importance ofonline adoption.

With an optimal approval flow system travel managers are able to handle bookings quickly enough to avoid missing the best fares. The approval flow system provided within Amadeus e-Travel Management achieves this objective with a number of additional benefits you can see in this handy infographic.

What does this mean for you?

For each individual traveller community, administrators can set the approval flow based either on corporate policy or rules attached to travel details and projects. Approvers then no longer need to switch back and forth from one community to another to perform the required actions on bookings as a single login is sufficient to recover all bookings pending approval. Bookings created offline, and imported online automatically benefit as well from the same approval process.

All of these enhancements lead to more efficient trip management for corporations, saved time for TMCs, and most importantly quicker booking for travellers – which at the end of the day lowers the overall costs of travel for all parties involved.

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