SWISS leads the way in better managing passenger service disruptions

Jan-Christian Schraven

Vice President, Head of Operation Planning & Steering, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

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As Switzerland's national airline, we are committed to the highest standards of service quality for our passengers. Part of this entails providing them with a smooth and efficient recovery process when faced with disruption. This is why SWISS and Amadeus are partnering to develop a cutting edge new solution to help our passengers recover from day-to-day disruptions.

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This solution is being developed with a focus on empowering SWISS agents to take charge of every stage of the recovery process. In the unfortunate event of disruption, we will be able to service our passengers as quickly as possible, relying on a powerful mathematical optimiser, integration with the Altéa Suite, and an intuitive user interface.

Aptly named the Amadeus Passenger Recovery solution, this new tool will be developed with workflows that have been built in collaboration with SWISS business teams. Amadeus Passenger Recovery will allow us to re-accommodate disrupted passengers from multiple flights through a standard service approach, taking into account the value of the passengers’ complete itinerary, available alternative flights, and the cost versus the quality of new itinerary.

We chose to work with Amadeus because they understand our requirements better than any other partner. They appreciate the insights we can provide in designing the solution and are open to involving SWISS teams in a continuous review process of the solution build, while delivering the product in an agile manner.

SWISS is proud to be the pilot customer for this solution, underscoring our commitment to the some 16 million passengers that fly with us every year to over 102 destinations all over the world.

Stay tuned for updates later this year as we work with Amadeus to develop this innovative new solution.


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