Make 2017 the year of collaborative action towards sustainable travel and tourism

Svend Leirvaag

VP Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group

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Sustainability means meeting the requirements of the current generation, without reducing the opportunities for future generations to meet theirs.  This is of particular relevance for the travel and tourism industry, as perspectives on what we do, and how, must shift to take a much more comprehensive view of how to create long-term value for all of our stakeholders.




Amadeus is working to shape a moresustainabletravel and tourism industry by ensuring the environmental efficiency of our operations, identifying and fostering the environmental benefits of ourtechnology solutions(like saving airline fuel), and participating in joint industry initiatives to improve industry collaboration with regard tomeasuring, reducing, and offsetting our impact on the environment. And protect it for future generations.

We all know that travel, whether for business or leisure, is a formidable catalyst for economic growth, job creation, entrepreneurship, and social and economic development around the world. We have a common challenge and a common responsibility to build a more sustainable future for our industry, to avoid “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”.

Engaging with the UNWTO

It’s with this challenge in mind that we are proud to engage with the UNWTO in theInternational Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017. With the aim to support changes in policy, business practices, and consumer behaviour, the International Year will help us shape a more sustainable travel and tourism sector.

#IY2017will focus on travel and tourism’s role in these five areas:

  • Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
  • Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction
  • Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change
  • Cultural values, diversity and heritage
  • Mutual understanding, peace and security

You can see the progress being made towards a more sustainable future via theGlobal Sustainable Tourism Dashboard, which usesAmadeus data and supportto measure the impact we’re making together.

Making a real difference requires completely new forms of industry collaboration, and new public-private partnerships that can align diverse interests and incentives, stimulate co-creation and innovation, and channel new energy and commitment towards taking firm steps towards a more sustainable future. As an industry leader Amadeus is committed to this ambition, and we can and will play a key role in it.


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