Supporting sustainability in Europe with training and knowledge transfer projects

Petra Euler

Managing Director of Amadeus Germany and Vice President Northern, Eastern, Central & Southern Europe

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What does sustainability mean to you? In ecology, it’s the way in which the environment remains diverse and productive. In the energy sector, sustainability means meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of the future. For those of us at Amadeus in Northern, Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe – it means both of the above definitions plus giving back to the societies in which we operate with training and knowledge transfer projects.

school kids


There’s no doubt about it – we’re tech people. We know a lot about the intersection of travel and technology. That’s why Amadeus is especially well suited to teach and pass on the knowledge we have in order toshape a sustainable future of travel.

Training programmes

In Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Germany we’ve established programs to train students about our technology, which gives them the opportunity to earn Amadeus certification, and perhaps a career in the travel industry. We’ve also established theAmadeus Center for Mobility Studiesin Germany, and in Russia, Turkey, Latvia, and Poland we’ve provided free training for underprivileged young people, students, and job seekers with an opportunity for future employment.

These are just a few of the dozens of projects we are currently undertaking in the region – but they all support our vision of sustainable travel. Much like an ancient forest exemplifies the ideal sustainable environment – we’re planting the seeds of knowledge to create our own ‘forest’ of sustainable travel, which we hope will endure long enough to become ‘ancient’.

Have a look at theAmadeus Global Report 2013for more about our activities in Europe and around the globe and be sure to let us know what sustainability in the travel industry means to you.


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