Survey indicates travellers in Sub-Saharan Africa prefer to outsource planning

Tracey Land

Marketing Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, Amadeus IT Group

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One of the tribes identified in our Future Traveller Tribes 2030 reports, Simplicity Searchers, value above everything else transparency and seamless travel in their planning and holiday-making. They’re also willing to outsource decision-making to trusted parties such as travel agents.


This got us thinking about travellers in Sub-Saharan Africa – do they value convenience above everything else? We surveyed a sample group of over 700 participants to ask them this question and the results were astonishing.

Survey Results

Across the region nearly 95% of travellers said they would outsource their trips to a travel agent or third party. Ghana and Nigeria were the two countries where this percentage was even higher, proving that convenience is highly valued.

Getting a good deal and transparency ranks near the top of the priority list for the SSA region. Over 87% of respondents noted that they always try to get the best deal available and seek advice from travel agents.

While in other parts of the world, all-inclusive packages are favoured by most, Sub-Saharan Africans prefer to explore outside of resorts. Southern Africa and Nigeria rated the all-inclusive package as low on their list of must haves with under 46% of people booking trips of this kind.

One thing that cannot be debated is travellers in this region look for personalised experiences that are stress-free and comfortable. Travel agents should look at this, as over 93% of all individuals surveyed look for a different and engaging experience when they travel, whether for business or leisure.

For this tribe in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is beauty in simplicity but do not neglect to personalise the experience for the traveller. Be sure to check out the Amadeus Sub-Saharan Africa Blogfor more insights about this region.


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