Staying committed to fighting climate change

Tomas López Fernebrand

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Amadeus

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Combating climate change is a priority for every globally responsible corporate. At Amadeus we have felt the importance to keep greenhouse gases emissions under control for a long time now.

As a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for eight years and currently in our seventh year of participating in the CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project) annual survey, we are committed to the process of duly reporting our carbon footprint and ensuring we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions levels year-on-year.

CDP is without a doubt one of the most relevant sustainability benchmarks today. CDP runs a global disclosure system that enables companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts. It has built the most comprehensive collection of self-reported environmental data in the world, assessing the level of detail of the content reported, the company's awareness of climate change issues, management methods and progress towards action taken on climate change.

Our score in 2019 was B, which implies that Amadeus scores well in the areas of disclosure, awareness and management of climate change issues and that we are close to the leadership level - this is a good reference of our performance, as well as a way to identify industry trends and areas for continuous improvement.

Through the years we have developed a strategy to fight climate change that is based on three pillars:

  1.  Reducing the environmental impact of our own operations 
  2.  Fostering IT solutions to help our customers
  3.  Working together with other industry stakeholders in common travel industry projects

 In 2019, we achieved a significant milestone at our data center, reducing our emissions to zero. This was achieved through the use of renewable energy. To truly understand the value of this achievement, consider the fact that energy consumption of our data center represents more than 50% of our total energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide.

As a leading travel technology company, we have also developed cutting edge IT solutions such as Altéa Departure Control-Flight Management,which, in addition to improving the operational efficiency of our customers, also helps them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save on fuel costs.

Our goal is to be a driving force within the industry to help accelerate the speed at which emissions are being tackled at a global level. To read more on our sustainability initiatives, click here.


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