How standardising hotel content can improve efficiency and save costs

Sylvain Courtial

Senior Manager, Product Management, e-Commerce & Content Integration, Hotel Distribution, Amadeus IT Group

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Few things are as annoying as duplicate contacts with outdated info in your phone’s address book. Would you believe that the hotel distribution industry has the same sort of problem?

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New competitors and connected consumers have forced hoteliers to transform their IT systems. As a result, the industry has become more fragmented. There is a clear lack of standardised hotel room classification across channels. Replicated over hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide and you can imagine how challenging it is to get consistent information. Combine this with old technology and infrastructure and things become even more frustrating.

We partnered with GIATA, a provider of property identification codes, to improve this matter. They provide a matching service that simplifies hotel data. Each code identifies a property to avoid matching errors and duplicates.

Why is this partnership important? Because in the past few years, our hotel content has grown by a massive 300% up to around 690,000 properties today. We needed a set of standards to make it easy for people to connect to us and consume that content. GIATA helps us identify these properties and provide travel agencies with accurate details about them. They help us ensure that we create the same coding standard for an individual address or accommodation no matter the channel it comes from. This means that the same hotel won't appear in our system more than once if there was a change in ownership or address.

Once that deduplication of properties is done, we blend in the rates, availabilities, descriptions and the information sets coming from different suppliers. All of this is done at the individual property level. We’re excited to work with our partners, like GIATA, to create a single property identification code across all of our databases. This means our customers can be more efficient and save costs down the line.

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