Getting to know the Social Capital Seekers of 2030

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Social media will play an ever-expanding role in the lives of travellers around the world. While many will set a boundary between their online and offline lives, the distinction between physical and virtual will be less clear for Social Capital Seekers. They may even view their online avatar as more genuine.

social capital seeker

They will exploit the potential of their digital media to enrich and inform their offline life, and vice versa, with such skill and expertise and to such benefit that they will develop a natural sense for all things social. The world according to Social Capital Seekers will be viewed in terms of its potential for creating shareable content, assembled with great creativity, and perhaps most importantly, the business sense of an international entrepreneur.

Future Social Influences

In 2030, such social influence will be massively monetisable. The right Tweet to the right brand is already worth something. And in the future, travel players will tier their offerings in some way according to the level of customer clout, which is very easily accessible and calculable.

While the social economy is currently immature and informal, going forward, customers will be proactively invited to rent out their channels to brands for a fee. This will be a guiding factor in determining travel plans for Social Capital Seekers in the future.

Tangible and shareable journey outputs are where travel begins to pay off for Social Capital Seekers. Behind this fact is a recognition that travel has functional benefits that carry over into the life of the traveller. All experiences must have tangible and shareable outputs, such as highlight reels from trips, or other memorable souvenirs. In the abstract, the ideal will be for the traveller to have enhanced the range and strength of his social signal upon his return. The success of the holiday for Social Capital Seekers will be made or broken on this.

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