How Sixt car rental company is creating a more connected customer experience

Steve Spencer

Head of Sales & Marketing, Amadeus Cars

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From knowing what kind of cars customers want to rent ahead of time to offering integrated seamless travel planning when booking flights – we’ve been hard at work with our customers to make this connected travel future a reality.


Creating and maintaining good customer relationships is fundamental for success in the car rental world. Sixt rent a carunderstands this and we at Amadeus Cars have been working closely with them to create a more connected and seamless travel experience because that’s what travellers will expect in the future.

Take a look at this video – in which I hear from several Sixt employees and customers, and talk with Sixt’s Senior VP & Director of Relationship Marketing & Leisure Sales, Carsten Anhalt to hear exactly what they think a more connected car rental experience will look like.

What do you think it will look like?

How Sixt Car Rental is Creating a More Connected Customer Experience


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