Singapore Airlines takes retailing to new heights with next-gen NDC tech

Cyril Tetaz

EVP, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus

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It was an exciting time for the Amadeus NDC-X team as months of hard work came to fruition with the announcement of Singapore Airlines’ integration of Amadeus Altéa NDC and Amadeus Anytime Merchandising.

So, just why did the carrier choose our technology to take its retailing to new heights?  To put it simply, these solutions will enable the airline to reach its customers with the right offer at any time, on any device, through any channel.

Amadeus Altéa NDC is a full Offer and Order Management solution, based on end-to-end NDC shopping, booking and servicing flows. Singapore Airlines will be able to distribute and service its offers to third parties, with consistency between direct and indirect channels. In a nutshell, the carrier will be able to greatly extend its merchandising distribution reach.

On the other hand, Amadeus Anytime Merchandising will help Singapore Airlines boost revenue by creating relevant and personalized travel offers. These offers could include air and non-air content such as hotel, car rentals and insurance. In a sleek and simple way, the carrier can then present these offers to travelers across direct and indirect channel touchpoints – with the latter leveraging on the NDC capabilities.

Bringing the promise of New Distribution Capability (NDC) to life requires a transversal approach across an airline’s systems, including merchandising, personalization and revenue management, in order to generate offers that add new value. This is exactly what Singapore Airlines is doing, allowing it to accelerate digital transformation and enhance its retailing capabilities, in working towards a differentiated experience for its travelers. 

Through this partnership we are working together to ensure Singapore Airlines has all the systems in place from a full offer management perspective. This is truly transforming the way offers are created, sold and serviced across channels, so that the airline can continue to pioneer in the area of customer-centric retailing and merchandising.

This partnership is proof that our NDC-X program, which Singapore Airlines joined in 2017, is making headway in delivering value for our customers. NDC-X brings all NDC activities together under one roof, both as an aggregator and as an IT provider. We are also actively working on integrating NDC content into the Amadeus Travel Platform so travel sellers around the world can access NDC content alongside other content, and serve travelers simply, quickly and accurately.

For more information on our NDC journey, please see the infographic below.


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