Shining a spotlight on 2017 and key trends for the year ahead

Julia Sattel

Senior Vice President, Airlines, Amadeus IT Group

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Whether your focus was the introduction of a new business model or industry-wide standards, this was a busy year with significant change for airlines. That is why we felt it particularly important to invest in this retrospective view of just some of the key events and trends of 2017. New technology, business models and partnership approaches are taking root, and we hope this report supports the industry in its drive to improve both business and technical development during 2018 as we continue to innovate and digitally transform our industry together.

2017 was a successful year for our industry. Many airlines have seen more-robust balance sheets, driven by the strong and growing demand for air travel across the globe. As a reference source for key developments in the airline industry in 2017 and to help the industry innovate further during 2018, we’ve created the Global Airline Industry Almanac. The scope of the topics covered within this almanac is extensive, ranging from a look at regional profitability to airline digital transformation.

When I reflect on 2017, I am reminded just how competitive the operating environment remains for all carriers. It is in this competitive context that many airlines have flourished, finding the time and resources to dedicate to the ultimate customer for us all, the traveler.

Our continued investment in innovation is focused on delivering robust solutions that support our airline customers to overcome many of these complex challenges across all channels to market. When we consider that technologies such as cloud computing and big data analytics are already maturing, we must continue to look ahead to new innovations in areas such as artificial intelligenceand blockchain.

At Amadeus, we recognize the ongoing pace of change in the industry and we are dedicated to delivering technology that supports all our airline customers to grow and improve their businesses.

I invite you to download a copy of the Global Airline Industry Almanac: A spotlight on key trends in 2017 paper here.