Shaping the future of air travel with the Altea Community

Alex Boulton

Manager, Solution Cycle, Airline IT Product Management, Amadeus IT Group

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A strong community is vital to our lives on a personal level. We gain strength from our communities through close-knit relationships that act as a support system. Whether it is the well-being of the neighbourhoods in which we live in or the well-being of the global community as a whole – there’s no question that a strong community bond is beneficial for everyone involved. The same can be said for business communities that share a vested interest – such as our airline partners who are part of the growing Altéa Community.


Since 2004, we’ve been taking a unique approach to bring together the Altéa Community so they can contribute to and take advantage of the platform evolution that we carry out as part of our ongoing development efforts.

Several times a year we organise community meetings with more than 150 Altéa customers to prioritise the system enhancements they would like to see. These community gatherings enable our customers to build networks both amongst themselves and with us, not only through formal business talks, but also through team building exercises such as our annual community Petanquetournament – which is always competitive and fun.

Perhaps most importantly, community gatherings include a fair and transparent voting system – with weight given to airlines based upon the number of passengers boarded each year. This ensures efficient use of resources, with the most needed requirements being developed. The community helps airlines pool and promote their requirements, share their experiences, and reach common development goals, reducing the need for bespoke solutions to common business problems.

We’ve also recently introduced a new community forum for airlines whose principal place of business is in Asia, called the Altéa Advisory Committee for Asia (AACA). The Asian community focuses on requirements which have special importance for Asia regional carriers since the market is unique in the global context.

Stay tuned to this blog for more on our Altéa Community gatherings – as we’ll talk about some of the developments that have come to fruition through these gatherings including the reseating algorithm and seating history.


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