Shaping the future of African travel

Obinna Ekezie

Managing Director and Founder, Wakanow.com

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Over the last three years, Wakanow has invested heavily in technology and it’s fuelling our market expansion. We’ve rebuilt our technology platform and have a new architecture in place that allows for multiple languages, currencies and exchange rates. It is enabling Wakanow.com to grow aggressively in Ghana and expand to East Africa with plans for Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal. Amadeus has been innovating for thirty years and we are excited by the multitude of technology products available. Amadeus’ solutions have been very important to us and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

In parallel, we are venturing into new markets where we consider there are large African diaspora markets such as the UK, the US and the UAE - there are major growth opportunities. We recently launched wakanow.co.uk to address the African diaspora - for those Africans wanting to come home, or individuals looking to visit Africa for either business or for leisure.

Have a look at this video where I share my vision on how technology is the driver to grow the African travel market.


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