Technology with purpose: serving travellers better

Fernando Cuesta

Managing Director, Spain & Portugal, Amadeus

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Technology has turned travel distribution upside down, changing the game for all players. It has empowered travellers, making them more demanding than ever before. How can travel providers and travel agencies keep up with change in technology and customer expectations?



This was part of the discussion at the 4th Summit of Travel Agencies Associationslast week in Valencia. Travel agency representatives and travel providers from all over the world agreed that it is a two-way street: technology empowers travellers, but travellers push for technological advancement.

The one-size-fits-all approach to travel is a thing of the past. Today, travellers demand customization. They want products and services that respond to their needs and preferences. Innovation is key to delivering these.

In this future of personalized travel, travel agencies have a lot to say. At Amadeus, we believe their human touch and vast knowledge from years of experience bring great value to travellers. They are increasingly putting technology at the heart of their business to provide the customization, comparison and wider range of options that travellers demand. Indeed, a recent studyby Amadeus, Segittur and Brain Trust CS found that in 2017 almost 40% of travel agencies in Spain are channeling funds to spur innovation in their processes.

Thirty yearsin the travel industry have taught us that collaboration with customers, developers, start-ups and partners is key to unlocking new innovations. As Decius Valmorbida, our Senior VP of Travel Channels, explained in Valencia, this is what keeps us moving forward. We constantly adapt our travel platform to meet the needs of travel providers. We connect all players across all channels and integrate content from the GDS, NDCand other sources.

Technology will continue to disrupt the industry for good, increasing scale, choice and access. Amadeus is uniquely positioned to take on this technological challenge. We combine a deep understanding of how people travel with the ability to design and deliver the most complex and trusted systems that our customers need to serve travellers better.

It is a two-way street, and Amadeus is connecting and working with all players along the way to shape the future of travel.


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