What you see, is what you get: Amadeus and Routehappy partner to enhance flight shopping

Robert Albert

CEO, Routehappy by ATPCO

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Think back to the last time you bought something online. Maybe it was a pair of shoes. Before hitting the buy button you probably checked out customer reviews and looked at the sizing chart, but most importantly, you looked at the many pictures and perhaps even a video of the shoes you were buying. You knew exactly what the shoes looked like and you had a pretty good idea of what you were purchasing. Most likely, there were no surprises when the shoes finally arrived. You had full transparency.

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So why should flight shopping be any different? Many times when you are shopping for a flight you only see information that relates to price and schedule. Imagine booking a flight and being able to see what type of seat you will have, the cabin and amenities you’ll receive during the flight or deciding whether you want to upgrade to a premium seat or buy lounge access based on specific photos and descriptions of what is offered. Our partnership with Amadeus will integrate rich content like this into flight shopping via Amadeus’ Selling Platform Connect for use by offline travel agents and via Amadeus Web Services for use by online travel agencies (OTAs).

Together, Amadeus and Routehappy will help airlines better differentiate their products in offline travel agencies and OTAs worldwide through targeted rich content.

Our partnership with Amadeus is a big step forward in reaching distribution ubiquity for airlines. Integration of Routehappy’s content in Amadeus sales channels will be completed during the course of this year and will complement Amadeus’ existing content and merchandising capabilities already provided to airlines and travel sellers.

This is just the beginning of what we can do as partners and we’re excited to work closely with Amadeus to further improve and innovate flight shopping together.


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