Saudia's CIO & CFO on Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting

Sami Chammakhi

Senior Airline IT Delivery Manager, Amadeus IT Group

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Revenue accounting has long been seen as a  back office function, but what is often not recognised, is that it’s key for enabling business expansion, such as rolling out ancillary services. It also plays a crucial role when entering an alliance, further interline agreements, and joint ventures that require the ability to share revenues between partners.

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My journey with Saudia started when I took over their migration to the Amadeus e-commerce platform and has since continued following their decision to in-source finance related processes that had previously been outsourced.

Saudia faced quite a few challenges in implementing this project, so they turned to the Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting solution not only for its ability toprovide information on revenuesas soon as the plane door closes, but also because of the support Amadeus provides during the migration process and a highly automated and easy to use system.

Saudia has already realised many benefits from applying the Amadeus Revenue Accounting solution. As mentioned in the video, they now have better control and a real insight into their revenues. They know more accurately where revenues are coming from, and when sales are happening. They also know faster when revenues are realised and recognised, and where the loopholes are. Not only have they benefited financially but the commercial and operations divisions in Saudia have also been given the necessary insight and the business intelligence to make the right decisions and tune operations.

Additionally, as reiterated in the interview – they have gained better control of cash flow and they now know when certain marketing strategies are not working so they can better coordinate at the commercial level and in a more reactive way.

I’d like to thank Saudia for their effort in making this project successful and I hope you find this interview with Saudia’s CIO & CFO Muhammad Ali Albakri interesting. Pleaseget in touch with usif you have any questions.


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