Satisfying a traveller’s appetite in Asia Pacific

Simon Akeroyd

Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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If you go to your favourite burger restaurant or chain, what is the one question you can guarantee they’ll ask you - “Would you like fries with that?” It’s automatic, you order a burger, and they offer you fries to go with it. The fries complement the burger and make a perfect meal.



We’re working to help travellers get their French fries too. Well maybe not exactly, but we do want to help travel agents offer complementary content. If a traveller books a flight and a hotel through their favourite travel agent, the natural ‘side dish’ would be their airport transfer, ferry or theme park tickets.

The reality is that today travel agents have to spend a lot of time and effort looking at different websites or talking directly with providers to source this type of content for their travellers, and this is where Amadeus wants to make things easier.

We recently partnered with CityDiscovery, an online provider of tours and activities to integrate their extensive content in to Amadeus.

Emmanuel Issaurat, Co-founder & CEO at City Discovery said: “The partnership with Amadeus just made sense. They have the global footprint and travel agency reach we were looking for, and we have the content. Despite Amadeus’ global leadership position, they really recognised the value we could bring to their customers and embraced us as more than a content provider, but as a true partner. This made it an easy decision, a pain-free integration and a win-win relationship.”

Through this partnership, we’ve developed a new solution, Amadeus Destination Content that we’ll soon be rolling out to some Asia Pacific markets.

In addition to the content from City Discovery, travel agents will also have access to content from TourRadar, including their 8,000 group tours and unique adventure experiences in more than 160 countries. Jayride, who offers top airport transfers in Australia and New Zealand with best price guarantee and Turbojet, who are the leading provider of high-speed ferry services that connects Hong Kong, Macau and other major airports in the Pearl River Delta, will all also be available.

With Amadeus, travel agents will be able to book over 15,000 unique tours, activities, and ground transfers (for more than 700 airports worldwide), as well as ferry tickets for the major destinations in Asia Pacific.

We’re also already looking at further additions and new content to ensure that together with our travel agency customers we can satisfy a traveller’s cravings, today and in the future.


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