Portuguese airline, SATA, looked to maximize revenue and Amadeus answered

Sandro Raposo

Director, Network and Revenue, SATA

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At SATA, our mission is to bring the world to the Azores, and the Azores to the world. For my colleague Paulo Ornelas (Director, IT Department, SATA) and I, a key part of this evolution was investing in the latest technology to maximize our revenues.

In 2009 we began an evolution to boost our competitive advantage. We needed a solution that could not only forecast the most in-demand routes, but also give us actionable insights, and Amadeus’ airline revenue management technology fit the bill in both of these respects. This cutting-edge tech, combined with Amadeus’ group management solution is already helping us improve revenues and increase productivity for our group business overall.

But the most important aspect of this story is the fantastic teamwork and service we received from Amadeus during the migration process. A major technology overhaul like this can be stressful, but from the start, Amadeus made things easy and reassured us every step of the way. There was also a general feeling of working as one team during the most harrowing moments. As a smaller airline, we really appreciated the attention Amadeus gave to us during our journey.

Thanks to our shared mentality of working as one, this project fulfilled the goals we set, under a strict calendar. All of us at SATA are very pleased to see how it was executed. We now have the technology to implement our strategy and the capabilities to manage our business in a more efficient way. This means generating more revenue, raising our profile as an airline, and bringing more travelers to the beautiful Azores.

After 60 years of flying across the Atlantic Ocean, and 70 years of history, we are optimistic that our partnership with Amadeus will help us to continue to grow steadily and enjoy increasing success.

SATA and Amadeus

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