How SAS turned complexity into opportunity with Amadeus revenue management technology

Erik Westman

Vice President Revenue Management, SAS

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Since the early 1990s, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has long been acknowledged as a leader in airline revenue management. But we knew we could go even further. Back in 2013, SAS combined our expertise with Amadeus to form the ‘Revenue Management Centre of Competence’ in Copenhagen. Through this partnership, SAS deployed the most advanced revenue management technology, including the first revenue management system that takes travel purpose into account.

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When we first set out on this journey with Amadeus, SAS already had an in-house solution that was very advanced. So shifting IT systems was a big move and required a real business transformation. It also required changing SAS employees’ mind-sets, helping them adapt, and teaching them to trust the system and its new functionalities.

Fortunately, the Amadeus team was there to work hand-in-hand with SAS and the implementation itself and everything around it went very well. Of course, the journey did not end when the cutover happened. It is a continuous learning curve and Amadeus provided full support throughout the whole process. SAS is proud to be a key player in helping Amadeus develop this next-generation revenue management system.

Almost immediately Amadeus’ technology allowed us maximise revenue on each seat through a highly automated process, where SAS has the option to perform manual interventions at the desired level of granularity whenever needed.

Compared to our old system, Altéa Network Revenue Managementprovided better support to SAS revenue managers, with dashboards to help them fine tune their decision making. In particular, it is now easier to establish forecasts or to assess the traveller’s willingness to pay, as well as to monitor and intervene on the yields.

SAS is very happy with its decision to partner with Amadeus on this huge business transformation and we look forward to a successful future with them. To find out more about the deployment of this cutting edge technology, have a look at this SAS – Amadeus revenue management case study.

SAS success story with Amadeus revenue management technology