SAS is putting passengers first by providing a smooth digital experience

Emil Eriksson

Digital Sales & Conversion Manager, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

We work every day to put our customers first at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). One of the most important ways we do this is by offering a smooth user experience.

A key piece of technology that helps us during challenging times is Amadeus Ticket Changer Disruption.

This solution automates ticket changes so we can free up resources to concentrate on managing a disruption. SAS agents can reissue tickets in a matter of seconds so our passengers can get onto new flights as quickly and smoothly as possible. Best of all, passengers can take control of their booking online or via our app and choose the flight they prefer. With Amadeus’ technology we can also prepare ahead of time for an anticipated disruption, like bad weather for example.

We’ve seen increased efficiency thanks to this technology. For voluntary ticket changes we’ve saved 13 minutes per reissue. Training costs have also decreased by 80% for ticket changes in a disruption context and we’ve saved 10 minutes per involuntary reissue. Good collaboration with Amadeus around new features and products has made this possible.

Amadeus’ technology is helping us empower our customers while at the same time making us more efficient. All of these things contribute to a smooth travel experience – which is very important to us. We look forward to continue working with Amadeus to further improve our customer’s digital experience, and make digital touchpoints more useful.

Have a look at this Amadeus – SAS video for more about how we’re working together.