Conveying your airline’s brand essence, your way, with Amadeus Rich Merchandising

Rudy Daniello

VP, Distribution Products & Services, Amadeus IT Group

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A quick search on the internet reveals countless pages of results on the power of rich content in online retailing. I’ve not read them all, but the ones I have all share a common conclusion: the right use of rich content really does boost conversion. We look for it all the time, seeking - even expecting at this point - a glimpse, if not a detailed view, of the unique features that will persuade us to choose one product or service over another. Even businesses with no physical products, like banks and insurance companies, have bought into rich content to convey positive emotions of their brands so they can influence and better connect with consumers.

Rudy Daniello Tech Talk: Amadeus Rich Merchandising
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Although rich content is anything but new at Amadeus, having been available since 2010, we have expanded our solutions and also upgraded our retailing interfaces for maximum impact. Amadeus Rich Merchandising, a two pronged portfolio consisting of Amadeus Rich Contentand Amadeus Media Solutions, opens a whole new world of opportunities for airlines to engage with consumers, promote their offers and differentiate their brands. But it doesn’t end there, we are already busy adding to the portfolio so airlines can truly unleash the full power of their brands.

What better opportunity to let our latest Amadeus Tech Talkdo the rest of the talking so you can get a better feel for what Amadeus Rich Merchandising can do for your business and, as my interviewer puts it, what’s up our sleeve moving forward.