Reviewing the Travel Gold Rush 2020 video series

Marian Hens

Manager, Global Communications Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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Back in September we released the Travel Gold Rush 2020 report which addressed and analysed how the travel industry will look in the year 2020.

The report, carried out by Oxford Economics, examines a number of pressing industry issues including the effects of the global economic recession, macroeconomic forecasts, the growth of new revenue sources and predicted behavioural changes in the traveller of the future.

The study includes findings from interviews with 30 travel industry thought leaders, a number of which were published as posts on this blog and videos on our YouTube channel.

To help summarise the analysis and information from the report, here's a recap of our experts’ insight into the future of the travel industry and its likely development over the coming decade.

Andrew Tessler from Oxford Economics discusses new sources of revenue, the weak points of the travel chain and the evolution of new business models and services.

Amadeus’ Eddie Ross talks about the report’s main aims: analysis of the macroeconomics of the industry and exploration of new monetisation strategies.

Paul Simmons, General Manager at easyJet, reveals his thoughts on the future of the low-cost carrier and what we can expect from air travel in the next decade.

Futurologist Peter Cochrane shares his predictions for the future of travel including areas where the travel experience could be improved.

Jim Mann, CIO at TUI Travel PLC, looks at the role technology can play to improve the travellers' trip experience in the future.

More information on the Travel Gold Rush 2020 report can be found at this link, where the entire report is available through a free download.

The full list of blog posts relating to the report can be found here.


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