Simplicity and retailing are keys to enhancing customer experience for airlines

Fredrik Odeen

Senior Manager, New Carrier Strategy, Travel Channels, Amadeus IT Group

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The travel industry has much to gain by understanding the true value of its product and then retailing it as an experience to consumers. And, many of the speakers at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress highlighted the crucial need for this experience to be slick, simple, and seamless.

David Rowan, Editor of Wired magazine, touched on this idea during the opening session of Day 2.  He examined how technology will impact travel and the importance of providing a frictionless experience, where the customer is at the heart of all innovation and their needs are truly met by travel providers.

For airlines of all business models, this means ensuring products are being retailed in a manner that is responsive and intuitive to the consumer’s needs. Creating a 360-degree experience, where every stage of the individual customer journey is considered, should be central to an ancillary revenue strategy. This tailored approach to retailing and serving customers allows airlines to forge strong loyal bonds with travellers whilst increasing margins.

We have long been considering how to support an airline’s ability to provide personalised retailing with a range of solutions. In fact, we are seeing great traction in the uptake of these products on both the airline and travel agency fronts. Amadeus Fare Families, which is currently live with 17 airlines, ensures that their fare structures are bookable across all retailing interfaces and worldwide points of sale, maximising their exposure to consumers. Similarly, close to 80 airlines have already implemented Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services.

On the LCC front, our drive has been to open the indirect channel by simplifying and streamlining the way travel agents view, interact with, book and service LCC content within the Amadeus system. These enhancements remove friction from the agent’s workflow and ultimately support the desire of LCCs to appeal to business travellers and those who manage their travel.

By innovating in these areas, Amadeus is striving to connect the entire industry into one global travel ecosystem. With an industry that truly has the traveller at its core, we can deliver a seamless experience where the traveller’s individual preferences are anticipated and catered to.