Research, development, and innovation at Amadeus

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Research and development is a key strategic priority for us and we consider innovation as one of our key assets that will lead us to achieve market leadership.

We put a special emphasis on the reliability of our systems, products and services. This is a permanent objective as R&D teams conceive, design, develop and maintain some of the world’s most complex, widely available, real-time information systems accessed daily by hundreds of thousands of travel professionals and end-users in almost all areas of the travel industry.

This investment is supported by a network of 17 R&D centres distributed around the world. Nice is our largest site for R&D activities, with on-site and worldwide teams developing solutions for travel distribution, e-commerce, travel agency points-of-sale, airlines, hotels, railways companies, airport IT and travel intelligence.

This R&D global network organisation is distributed regionally along a model of hubs with a global mission and transversal activities, and satellites which are either dedicated to specific applications or domain expertise, or for some, dedicated to supporting customer projects. All sites work closely with others, and teams working on a project can be distributed between sites.

Our global networked organisation includes the central R&D centres of Bangalore, Boston and Nice; the R&D sites of Aachen, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Miami, Strasbourg, Sydney, Toronto and Tucson as well as regional centres in Bangkok, Bogota and Warsaw..

After the successful launch of our R&D centre in Bangalore in 2012, we have continued growing the scope of its activities and responsibilities, as well as increasing staff. A similar strategy was put in place for the Boston, London, and Sydney centres.

We promote a culture of innovation across all R&D teams. An innovative framework is being put in place with the objective of boosting the emergence of ideas and the analysis of potential applications, with a focus on prototyping with the internal R&D research lab and via contests.

We are constantly leveraging major technology trends in the IT industry to innovate in the field of travel. Our purpose of shaping the future of travel translates practically into mastering and applying emerging techniques to foster new practices in how people travel and how the tourism industry will serve them more efficiently.

Have a look at this informative chart outlining our R&D investment over the years and the map of Amadeus R&D centres around the world. You can also find opportunities to shape the future of travel through R&D via our careers website.