Reducing our carbon footprint with improved waste management

Lucas Bobes

Head of Sustainability, Amadeus IT Group

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Rubbish, garbage, trash, junk – there are a lot of names for waste, but essentially they’re all talking about the same thing.


Naturally, we don’t like to think about our rubbish generally speaking. We take it to the curb and forget about it as though it becomes someone else’s problem when it leaves us.

But if we take a moment to assess how much waste we produce – then we can find easy ways to reduce waste and increase recycling – progressing towards a more sustainable future.

The amount of waste produced by Amadeus as a company is fortunately limited to standard office use, since we don't manufacture products that create unwanted leftovers.

Measures to minimise waist

Several measures have been put in place to minimise the amount of waste we produce, including very basic and easy actions like:

  • In our largest sites, where we have canteens/restaurants for employees, we have put in place containers to classify waste and facilitate recycling.
  • Recycling bins are located next to the printers in larger sites and we are encouraging the broader implementation of this measure.
  • Some offices, like in our headquarters in Madrid, have located battery containers in each floor to take care of hazardous materials.
  • Our new building in Miami forms part of a full recycling program run by the City authorities.
  • At other sites, like in Bangkok, we have taken a more active role by asking our landlord to facilitate the separation of glass and plastic.

These are just the first steps in supporting our commitment to the environmentand we plan to pay special attention to materials that can be easily tracked like paper.


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