Reach over 400,000 travel agents worldwide with Amadeus Media Solutions

Fernando Ramiro

Head of Media Solutions Sales, Amadeus IT Group

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With the travel agents – being physical or virtual (Online Travel agents) – as the front desk for this new generation of travellers,  it’s never been so crucial for travel and non-travel related companies to rely on products and new technology that can help tailor their offering and match travellers’ preferences throughout the purchasing process.

The travel sector is in continuous evolution to meet the needs and expectations of savvy travellers, early adopters of the latest trends in technology and lifestyle.

Amadeus Media Solutions is an advertising solution integrated in the Amadeus point of sale for travel agents (Amadeus Selling Platform) that has the capacity to deliver tailored advertisements throughout the booking process. These messages can appear for example when the travel agent is searching for a flight on the availability screen, targeting specific routes (i.e. Paris – London), a flight number or departure date. They can also be integrated in the booking confirmation email or the itinerary email.

Campaigns are planned and adapted to advertisers’ and publishers' needs in order to achieve the desired objectives. These include specific products such as sign–in banners (a banner that appears when the travel agent logs into Amadeus Selling platform), availability banners (which appear in the availability screen) or flight feature banners (which differentiate the airline’s offer from that of the competition right at the availability display).

Amadeus Media Solutions is a unique opportunity to reach a network of 400,000 travel agents worldwide. Each year 2.7 billion searches are made in Amadeus by travel agents. This media channel makes it possible to increase visibility and differentiate a company’s offer from that of its competition as well as reinforcing the company's brand in the mind of both the travel agent and the traveller.

To illustrate how effective Amadeus Media Solutions is, we have created the infographic above which reflects how impressive the numbers are looking so far.


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