Ramping up community involvement at Amadeus Sophia, France

Anne Rouget

Communication Manager, Amadeus IT Group

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Over the past few years in Sophia, we've worked on incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the way we run our day-to-day business activities, by taking into account our social, environmental and charitable values as much as possible in the way we work.


To start off the year, we celebrated a Corporate Social Responsibility Week at Amadeus Sophia featuring all the social initiatives and projects we are involved in and encouraged more staff to join us.

Throughout the week, we presented the initiatives which in the past year have been, and continue to be a part of our CSR programme such as environmental advice, clothing, toys, and food donation for charity among other things.

We also became the first company in France to launch a new saliva testing kit for bone marrow donation, in partnership with the Association Laurette Fuguain.

We've been amazed by the enthusiasm of our Amadeus colleagues when it comes to giving time and energy and we’re looking forward to making a difference in society for the rest of 2012.

Visit our interactive Corporate Responsibility Report 2011 to find out more about what we’re doing to uphold our Commitment to society.


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