Rail travel in Sweden: scenic, practical and now easier to book

Jesper Soderstrom

General Manager, Amadeus Scandinavia, Amadeus IT Group

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Travelling by rail is a special experience. You not only avoid the hassles of an airport or a traffic jam, but it gives you the chance to sit back in comfort and savour the passing scenery. Or use on-board Wi-Fi to catch up with work while on track. And of course travel at high-speed from city centre to city centre.

train in motion

In Sweden, rail has a bright future: for trips over 100km, rail is expected to grow by almost 50% between 2010 and 2030, surpassing both air and car’s growth combined. What’s more, Sweden’s rail industry was a European pioneer in liberalization. This led way to the entry of Hong-Kong based MTR Express a few years ago to compete with established operator SJ on the key Stockholm – Gothenburg route. To the benefit of the rail traveller, this marked a new era of heightened customer focus in the region.

Now, the spotlight is on rail booking

. Amadeus Rail Display

was just launched this week in Sweden, so travel agents can now book the two largest rail operators in the country in the same place and in the same way as all other travel modes – simplifying the whole booking process. Travel agents can also integrate a rail booking with air, hotel or other travel provider in one PNR to ultimately save time and create just one convenient ticket for the traveller.

SJ already took a giant leap forward to reach new customers via Amadeus distribution channels. Now, with Rail Display, SJ and MTR Express are taking advantage of our technology to further tap into our global network of travel agencies. In a rail market that has experienced a recent renaissance, this not only puts Swedish rail on the radar of countless new travellers but unlocks it as a genuine alternative to flying on some of the high-speed routes in the region.

Travel Management Company HRG’s Nordic office piloted the technology, explaining how Rail Display reduces their manual workload by 90%, and how it’s user-friendly graphical interface makes booking rail tickets easier than ever.

Simplifying rail booking is something the market has been asking for for a long time, and we’re very happy to finally make it happen – and make rail an even more appealing travel choice.

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